financial policies

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Upon registering online, a $10 per person deposit is due immediately via credit card.  Within 30 days, please determine the FINAL number of volunteers you’re bringing and submit a $50 deposit for each volunteer you register.  Here are some very important things to remember:

  1. Your church will be responsible for full payment of the number of volunteers you register, regardless of individual cancellations. 
  2. You may substitute participants at any time (even up until the day you leave!) We look at the number of spots your group has reserved, not the specific participants.
  3. Estimate your numbers low. Only send deposits for volunteers who have made a financial commitment to the trip.  This way, your church isn’t held fully responsible for the full amount of payment.
  4. You may add spaces to your group if they are available at

Our mission trips are among the most affordable anywhere. Cancellations can be very costly to our mission and adversely affect our ability to offer quality ministries to our local residents.  It severely impacts our commitments to our Ministry Worksites scheduled for your group to serve, expenses for food, materials, program planning and staff.  We aren’t your typical “Big Name Camp.”  This mission trip is our sole source of income for our entire ministry year – and we don’t have the backing of any other churches, institutions, or denominations. 

Our commitment to you:

  1. In the event that Big Creek Missions is incapable of providing a mission experience to you, we will offer either a full refund or credit towards future summer missions.  (weather related issues do not apply)
  2. If we have overbooked a week, or if we have a waiting list for a week, we will notify you and allow groups to cancel spots and receive a refund for those spots until we have reached our capacity level. (first come first served)
  3. In the event of last minute severe illness, severe injury, death of an immediate family member, or other limited cases beyond the participant's control, we will offer refunds to those participants.  Please email us if this is the case.

Tips  from a former youth pastor:

  1. Don’t register until you’ve collected $50 deposits from your team members! 
  2. If you have to estimate, choose low!  You don’t want to be stuck with unused spots and forfeited funds.    
  3. Don’t beg students to go on this trip!  As a mission center, we’ve found that a smaller group of passionate students is far better than a large group of apathetic students!  This is a great environment for leadership training. 
  4. Create a waiting list for the trip!  If you only have 5 students pay deposits, that’s ok.  Create a waiting list for those who want to go.  If spaces opens up later, add them to your roster.
  5. Smaller groups can be better groups!  If you only have a few wanting to come, that’s just fine.   Bring those few.  You can build stronger relationships with those few!    
  6. Open up the trip to the entire church and even to other churches!   If you find yourself low in numbers, open up the trip to the entire church body and even other churches.  There are typically many people who’d love to use their gifts and serve on mission!   Pass word… you’ll find people wanting to serve.