tip: host a parent meeting <<PDF

We encourage you to host an informational parent meeting at your church.  With this meeting, you can gather ALL your information in one setting that you will need for Big Creek! 

All of the documents you will need to hand out can be found at www.bigcreekmissions.com/go

Suggested Parent Meeting Agenda: 

  • Show Promo Videos (if available at): www.bigcreekmissions.com/summer
  • Explain the “Ministry Choices” (page 7) available to volunteers
  • Direct ALL participants  to www.bigcreekmissions.com/go to sign up for the mission & find documents.
  • Go to www.bigcreekmissions.com/go to create an account and sign up
  • Parents may register multiple children under one account
  • All participants need to print their completed permission form and return to you, signed. 
  • You (group leader) will bring the signed permission forms with you to Big Creek!
  • Suggestion: have computer / laptops available at the meeting to complete the registrations there!
  • Collect final funds from participants as needed
  • Tell parents about our emergency contacts:  (also listed on above forms)

Physical/shipping packages address:

90 Bullskin Rd, Bear Branch KY 41714

Post Office Address:

PO BOX 211 Bear Branch KY 41714

Phone: 606-653-0513

Distribute the following documents: 

  • www.bigcreekmissions.com/go information sheet (tells how to sign up)
  • Information for all participants (for everyone attending)
  • What to Bring (please do not modify this list).  
  • Expectations

do students need

health insurance?

We do not limit a person’s participation at Big Creek even if they do not have personal health insurance.  However, we HIGHLY recommend each participant does have some sort of accident coverage.  Your church insurance company may offer a temporary plan for participants.   Check with your insurance agent for details.