welcome to big creek

We look forward to serving with you this summer!  Before we begin looking at all the technical details of our mission trips, we wanted to make one thing clear:  Jesus is first!   He comes before everything else.  He is the reason we do what we do.   With Christ as our focus, He changes our perspective on missions!


the message

Our message at Big Creek missions will always be centered around the life changing Gospel truths found in Jesus Christ. With Jesus as our focus and our message, lives will be changed as a result of HIS power working in and through us.  As humans, we are capable of doing some really good things and accomplishing some great works.  However, it is only when those works are accomplished in His name and His power that those work have eternal value.  Therefore, we live out the following at Big Creek missions: 

It's about worship - not work.  Although mission trips are always a time where we work very hard and get dirty, Christians are never called to work in order to gain Gods favor.  We are called to worship Him as a response to receiving God’s mercy and grace through faith. One of the ways we worship Him is by living a missional life. Missions is not an outlet so we can feel better about ourselves by accomplishing some task or goal, nor is it an opportunity for us to brag on what we “did” with our own hands. We worship Jesus by serving him, and by serving him lives are changed, and HE gets the glory!

It's about surrender - not self-righteousness.    Big Creek doesn’t exist to glorify Big Creek or the names of any of our staff.  We give Glory to Jesus for enabling and empowering us and accomplishing His work through our lives.  Often, Christians have a “holier-than-thou” attitude when serving on missions.  They have this subtle mindset that invites others to “look at me” and “see what I’m doing” and “give me a pat on the back.”   We do not exist to lift up any man or ministry, but the name of Jesus.  When serving on mission, we must adopt the attitude of a surrendered servant. 

It's about people - not projects and programs.   We must remember that our purpose on earth is not to build physical buildings.  The projects we do, the homes we renovate, and the programs we offer are not our priority. The PEOPLE we serve are our priority.   We must never lose sight of why we are here – to share with those people the life-changing message of Jesus.  The projects and programs are only tools to share His Gospel.  

The methods

Doctrine:  We do respect the differences between denominations and churches and when teaching strive to focus on the common truths of scripture. We will use current technologies to teach timeless truths so we may evangelize the lost and disciple the believer.  Please read our statement of beliefs at: www.bigcreekmissions.com/about-us. We ask groups to teach and support the beliefs of our mission center while serving in our community.  


Worship Services: We offer worship services every morning and evening. You’ll find that our worship services blend brand new worship songs with some timeless hymns (often musically updated.) We typically offer a full band, and our services last less than one hour so your group has time to gather privately. See more on page 11. 


Evangelism:  We are an evangelical ministry, and encourage ALL volunteers to share their testimony through both word and action as the Spirit leads.