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All group types are welcome (Adults, students, families, schools).  Although geared slightly towards students, all ages will love it! Adults are needed for their leadership and expertise in children & construction ministries.  Children under 12 welcome with their parents.

Customizable for ANY age group: preteens through senior adults! 


Week-long: starts on Sunday (3-4 pm), ends on Saturday morning

ANY dates and times are available for your group.  Call us!


$199 for Sunday at 3 pm through Saturday Morning

We ask groups to consider donating to cover our costs: typically, about $28 per person, per day covers our costs.


Each individual chooses their ministry track. Group leader tells us who to place together within team.    

You and your team will select projects prior to arrival, and you’ll divide your group into work teams. 

Food Preparation

Our Summer staff will handle most food preparation.  Your teams will help with various maintenance and cleaning tasks through the facility.

Your group will work with the staff to assist with all food preparation, cleanup and maintenance tasks.


Each work group will have a dedicated summer staff to to encourage and assist.  They are NOT the overseers, but assistants.   It’s still YOUR mission trip! 

Staffing is limited.  Director(s) will almost always be available at the mission center.  Groups will be sent out on their own with detailed instructions on the tasks

Worship Services

Our staff provide regular worship services and devotions for your team!

Typically, we do not have a band on site.  However, the director is available and willing to offer nightly or morning devotions at a scheduled time.  Bring your own musical talent!