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Big Creek utilizes the vehicles you bring to provide transportation to our participants.  Here are a few key points: 

What type vehicles should we bring?  We love TRUCKS, CARS, MINI-VANS, and VANS!  Vehicles 25 passengers or less are great. 

Please plan for 1 empty seat per 8 volunteers.  This leaves room for our staff to ride along!

Buses with 26+ passengers are not recommended.  Our roads are great for vans and smaller vehicles, but buses larger than 26 passengers may be limited in use. 

Capable Drivers:  If your drivers aren’t comfortable driving 12 or 15 passenger vans, rent mini-vans or use personal cars instead.   Scared drivers become even more scared in the mountains! 

Vehicle Safety:  Make sure your vehicles are safe and everything is functioning correctly.  Double check insurance coverage prior to departure.    

Multiple Drivers:  Please consider having several approved, licensed and trained drivers for each vehicle!  This enables us to place all adults in their desired ministry tracks!   

Drivers Safety:  Drivers should be responsible and comfortable with the vehicle they are driving, and should be willing to enforce ALL seat belt rules and drive safely while transporting students.  Drivers are not to do anything that could compromise the safety of the volunteers they transport, including, but not limited to:  Chinese fire-drills, donuts, unnecessarily fast acceleration or deceleration, and other actions that are dangerous and even illegal.   

Drivers and Ministry Tracks:  Because different ministry opportunities arise every week, we can’t ever guarantee where a person will serve prior to their arrival. 

  • Mini-Buses / Buses:  Drivers will most likely be assigned to children’s ministry (maybe community)       
  • Trucks:  Trucks are really needed in construction!  These drivers are preferably assigned to construction.

Driving Distances: Because we serve in three counties, drivers should be prepared to travel distances of close to 30 miles each way to their sites per day depending on your location.