Help people discover Jesus Christs and become His disciples

what is our goal?

To glorify God in all we do and enjoy Him forever as individuals as well as corporately.

Join us for prayer

To be a healthy church we need to be a praying church.  Come and join us for prayer.  Bring your request to our heavenly Father or just help us fill the request of those who need our prayers.

  • Where: at church
  • When: twice a month see prayer Sway page below

Life causes this schedule to change so please check our "prayer sway" to get the most accurate date into your calendar.

our adults

We are always planting the seeds of faith.  We have small groups that meet regularly to address the needs of our adults.  We will begin groups as they are needed with the guidance of His Spirit. We have special events that all are welcome to participate in.  In all that we do outside of Sunday worship we want to be the flavor of Christ to all within our church family and outside to our immediate community. 

If you need information please click on the "message bubble" and contact our church for more information.

our families

We look to raise all our families in the Wisdom of Christ.  We have a ministry where the parents of young children and teens meet to study relevant issues and principles of faith that will help the parents raise their children in an atmosphere of grace, guiding the treasures they have been entrusted with, their children, so they, the children, will be able to stand strong in their own faith as they grow up spiritually while in the parents care.

If you need information please click on the "message bubble" and contact our church for more information.

our youths

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We know the average percentage of youths entering college who walk away from their faith, 75%,  We know our Father's love will cling to every person who acknowledges Him by loving Him back sincerely, so to lower that average, our goal for our youths is to equip them with the tools to engage in a world where the truth begins in a presupposition that states man is in charge.  We will always begin with the presupposition that God is Truth and He is sovereign over all.

This year the theme for our youth will be "WORD = TRUTH".  The theme verse we look to memorize and reference in our lessons will come from John 17:17 The WORD is what we are going to measure our life with. The WORD is what we will use to help us transform our lives to love others like Jesus. The WORD will help us stand firm in our faith as we interact with the world around us.

we welcome you... enjoy this most amazing transformational journey of faith our Creator God

designed for us before He spoke the universe into existence.

Jesus Lord of all | Called to love | Called to obey

Worship Authentically | Called to serve